SmartRPA – software robot, work 24/7

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a concept that refers to software robots that use the rule engine and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replace the intellectual labor that automatically performs paper work (mainly is a job with fixed logic). These software robots are sometimes personified as “digital labor” or “digital worker” (virtual intellectual labor).

SmartRPA, researched and developed by RUNSYSTEM, helps businesses automate the profession, optimize costs, improve work efficiency up to 900%.

SmartRPA can be easily applied to different types of businesses, automating employees’ daily office tasks, increasing work efficiency, reducing overtime, suitable for both medium and small enterprises.

Advantage of SmartRPA
No complaint

Work 24/7

Absolute Loyalty

Reduce risks

-83% cost

+900 % productivity

SmartRPA application


Tạo thông báo thanh toán và tính toán cho khách hàng


Sale report


Research market, competitors

Human resource

Pick up CV

Customer service

Follow customers

Supply chain management

Manage supply chain


Why choose SmartRPA?