The product ecosystem of RUNSYSTEM stands out in the Digital Transformation race with three Sao Khue Awards in 2020.


On May 16, 2020, RUNSYSTEM honored to receive 3 Sao Khue 2020 awards by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (Vinasa) for Outsourcing Services and the export of parts. SmartRPA and SmartKYC – Two key products of RUNSYSTEM Digital Transformation ecosystem.

This is the achievement after many rigorous rounds of evaluation by the jury of leading technology and economic experts in Vietnam. 2020 is the 4th consecutive year that RUNSYSTEM has been named at Sao Khue Awards for Software Outsourcing (Offshore) – One of the main strengths of RUNSYSTEM. With over 15 years of experience in providing Software Outsourcing services such as Multidisciplinary Business Application Development, Software Testing, New Technology Research and Development (R&D), now GMO-Z. com RUNSYSTEM has become a partner to implement thousands of large and small projects of leading enterprises in Vietnam and Japan.

Offshore development – One of the main strengths of RUNSYSTEM

In addition, after the award TOP 10 Sao Khue 2019 with SmartOCR – Artificial intelligence platform to digitize documents, RUNSYSTEM increasingly asserts position in the digital transformation with two other Sao Khue Awards for products:

(1) SmartRPA – Robotic Process Automation Solution

SmartRPA is a process automation solution based on artificial intelligence technology, helping to simulate user behavior interacting with websites, web services, files, thereby replacing people to solve manipulate professional skills automatically, eliminate error operations, save costs, improve working efficiency.

(2) SmartKYC – The best solution to verify customer identity exactly

SmartKYC is an AI-based solution which helps businesses and organizations verify their customers’ identity.
KYC (Know Your Customer) process is particularly important in the financial services industry, bank, aviation security to ensure customers are on record to avoid potential litigation risks and to take responsibility for future law violations.

The solution helps increase the risk management of the business through verifying legal documents (ID / CCCD, passport, driver’s license, …) and verifying live photo images quickly with the High accuracy, with instant face search with face search time in more than 1 million data in less than 1 second.

SmartKYC – Automatic solution to verify the customer subject in the category of Products and solutions applying technology 4.0

Digital transformation is no longer a choice but has become an inevitable development trend for businesses to stand up to the times. In particular, COVID-19 is like a catalyst, pushing businesses to promote Digital Transformation more than ever. What the world is currently happening in the COVID-19 pandemic is the clearest proof of this.

With that in mind, in November 2019, RUNSYSTEM established the Digital Transformation Center (DX) with the aim of becoming the birthplace of an advanced, modern product ecosystem, a pioneer in conversion automation 4.0 and bring outstanding revenue efficiency to customers. In addition to 3 products that won Sao Khue Awards 2019, 2020, the Company also has other typical products such as: SmartStore – Smart Retail; SmartGift – Smart customer care; SaleFie – DMS distribution channel manager; BizConnex – ERP implementation; TimeWork – Performance monitoring; Meety – Video online meeting; Ringbot – Smart lock on IoT technology; …

With the aim of becoming one of the leading units in the national Digital Transformation revolution, Mr. Nguyen Tan Minh – Deputy General Director said: “The strategic direction of RUNSYSTEM is to focus on building Build a complete ecosystem of solutions, foundations for businesses (One Stop Solutions) in all industries in every stage of Digital Transformation. COVID-19 is a golden opportunity for businesses to change old, ineffective models in order to stand firmly in the market. We have been and will constantly strive to research new technologies to create an ecosystem that best meets the needs of businesses, helping businesses improve operational efficiency, increase customer experience, and progress mode of operation. “